An application that will help medical workers to evaluate the stroke patient condition during emergency.

What is Fast-ED?

Fast-ED is a smart phone application designed to assist the pre-hospital provider in the field identification of stroke and in determining stroke severity. The App uses a decision-making algorithm based on stroke severity, qualification for IV Alteplase (tPA), GPS location and time from symptom onset to triage patients to the closest Primary vs. Comprehensive Stroke Center.

Fast-ED is based on the familiar FAST exam commonly used by EMS. Additional assessment tools include testing for eye deviation and neglect (denial). In under a minute a stroke severity score is calculated based on EMS evaluation. A probability scale for large vessel occlusion is determined on a percentage from 0-80%.

Mapping software populates the closest state approved stroke centers relevant to current GPS location and recommends appropriate destination based on the time and distance. The main objective is to improve stroke outcomes by decreasing the first medical contact to recanalization and reperfusion times.

Stroke Assessment Algorithm

Fast-ED (Field Assessment Stroke Triage for Emergency Destination) scale, the scale used to calculate the severity of the stroke, is based on items of the National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) with higher predictive value for Large Vessel Occlusion Stroke (LVOS): Facial Palsy (scored 0-1), Arm Weakness (0-2), Speech Changes (0-2), Eye Deviation (0-2), and Denial/Neglect (0-2). The scale was designed by Raul G. Nogueira, MD and tested in the STOPStroke cohort, a prospective study of patients who underwent CT angiography within the first 24 hours of stroke onset [Read the study here]. Fast-ED scale presents to the emergency practitioner a set of up to seven questions that result in a severity score. This score, combined with the patient location information and the distance to all nearby stroke centers, allows the Fast-ED app to recommend and guide the emergency practitioner to the best center to treat the patient

Join App Integration

Fast-ED is fully integrated with Join, a communication app for medical professionals. This allows Fast-ED to communicate the assessment result to designated chat groups within Join with just a single push of a button.

*Only users with registered accounts in both Join and Fast-ED can use this functionality.

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